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This is IKEA

This is IKEA

Wherever we are in the world, we bring with us the IKEA culture that is rooted from our Swedish heritage. Through our products, our stores, and by how we communicate with customers, we make sure that the IKEA values of humility, honesty and cost-consciousness are seen through and through.

From Humble Roots

In 1943, in a rugged Swedish province called Sm?land, 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad started selling wallets, ballpoint pens and other products that could meet the needs of many people at low prices. In Sm?land, the soil was thin and poor. People worked hard and pulled together to make the most out of their limited resources. They developed a reputation for being thrifty and innovative, with a no-nonsense approach to solving daily problems and business challenges. His business was a success.

Ingvar later applied the lessons he learned in Sm?land to the home furnishing market. He called his business IKEA – a combination of his initials, IK, and the first letters of the farm and village where he grew up, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd. Wherever we are in the world today, we bring with us the IKEA culture that is rooted in our Sm?land heritage.

Design For Everyone

From the beginning, IKEA decided to side with the many. That means we want to make the biggest difference to people with thin wallets and big dreams. This ambition influences everything we do, from the ideas we develop to the raw materials we use. All our products must have just the right combination of form, function, quality, sustainability – at a low price. Our product developers and designers have to be innovative to find the right balance of all these elements.

Caring For People And The Planet

At IKEA, we want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. That’s why we’re going all-in on things that really matter — from selling only energy-efficient LED bulbs to sourcing all of our cotton from more sustainable sources.

As a retailer in Southeast Asia, we are committed to reducing climate impact, taking social responsibility and engaging many people to live a more sustainable everyday life. We develop green buildings. We recycle waste. We produce and consume renewable energy. And we work to inspire customers and business friends to join us in our journey to a more sustainable future.

We Know Our Customers

IKEA is curious about life at home and so we visit thousands of homes in countries around the world. In the last little while, we have been meeting Filipinos in many different living situations to find out how you live, what you need, what you long for.

Life At Home In The Philippines

In our visits to Filipino homes, we witnessed strong ties among family members and saw that living with extended family is very common in most households. Out of the 23.5 million households all over the Philippines, 6.5 million are in Metro Manila, and at least 87% live in an average 30-square-metre condominium. We know many people are living in small spaces and need better options for getting organized. We know many people want to save money and would like to live a little more sustainably. We have plenty of great ideas for you.

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