Compoud titanium dioxide
Compoud Titanium dioxide A200 (High whiteness )
Compoud titanium dioxide A211 (High dispersibility)
Titanium dioxide rutile
Titanium dioxide rutile R920(Chlorine)
Titanium dioxide rutile R944(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide rutile R959(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide rutile R218(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide rutile R1930(Chlorine)
Titanium dioxide rutile R992(Special for Colour Master Batch)
Titanium dioxide rutile R909(Special for Paint and Coating)
Nano titanium dioxide rutile(Rutile Type)
Titanium dioxide rutile R882(special for plastic-steel)
Titanium dioxide rutile R216(Special for powder coating)
Titanium dioxide rutile R962(Special for kouban pipes)
Titanium dioxide rutile R800(special for water-based coatings and latex paint)
Titanium dioxide anatase
Titanium dioxide(Fiber grade)
Titanium dioxide(Ceramics grade)
Titanium dioxide(ceramics grade)
Titanium dioxide anatase A100(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide anatase A101(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide anatase A110(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide anatase A102(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide anatase BA01-01(General Purpose)
Titanium dioxide anatase A111(Special for paper)
Titanium dioxide anatase B101-A(for coating and paint)
Nano titanium dioxide(Anatase Type)
Titanium dioxide anatase B101-C(For PVC and Colour Master Batch)
Titanium dioxide anatase B101-B(For plastic and rubber)
lithopone B311
lithopone B301
Aluminum hydrox-ide
Aluminum Hydroxide AL(OH)3/ Activated
Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3 )/ Superfine
Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3 )/ Toothphaste grade
Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3 )/ Agate grade
Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3 )/ Industry grade
Aluminum oxide
Low Temperature Alumina
High Temperature Alumina
High Fine Alumina
Alumina (AL2O3 )/Industry grade
Alumina (AL2O3 )/High Fine
Activated alumina (Defluorination formulations)
Activated Alumina (AL2O3 )/Desiccant type
Activated alumina(for Hydrogen peroxide)
Zinc oxide
Zinc oxide(activated)
Zinc oxide(direct 99%)
Zinc oxide(direct 99%)
Zinc oxide(indirect 99.9%)
Zinc oxide(indirect 99.7%)
Zinc oxide(indirect 99.5%)
Zinc oxide(direct 99.5%)
Indirect zinc oxide(MOA 99.7%)
Calcined kaolin

calcined kaolin

Calcined kaolin(for coating)
Calcined kaolin for paper and coating
Calcined kaolin(for electrophoretic paint and ink)
Manganese(II) carbonate
Manganous Carbonate(industry grade)
Manganous Carbonate(feed grade)
Manganous Carbonate(electronic grade)
Magnesium carbonate
Special grade magnesium carbonate
First grade magnesium carbonate
basic magnesium carbonate
Antimony(III) oxide
Antimony oxide(98%)
Antimony oxide 99%
Antimony oxide 99.5%(Environmental )
Antimony oxide 99.8%(Environmental )

Antimony oxide 99.9%(Environmental )

Acting import Titanium dio-xide
Millennium R568 titanium dioxide
Millennium 595 titanium dioxide
Millennium R696 titanium dioxide
silica hydrated
decantation silica hydrated
vapour-phase process silica hydrated
Water Treatment
ferric sulfate
Poly Aluminium Chloride
Poly Iron Salt
Poly -blend iron salt(liquid)
Other products
stearic acid
magnesium hydroxide
sericite in powder
calcium hydroxide
decabromodiphenyl oxide
Vanadium pentoxide
wet process mica powder
light magnesium-oxide
Sulphur powder 200-mesh
Sulphur powder 400-mesh
Vaseline(Industry grade)
Vaseline(Medical Grade )
High purity sulphur powder Index
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