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People and Planet

People & Planet

We are committed to making positive impact on people and the planet and all the people touched by our business — our customers, co-workers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

People & Communities

Putting people first

We want to play our part in creating a better life for the people and communities touched by our business. From our co-workers, suppliers, to children and families living in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities – we always strive to promote equality, diversity and respect for human rights in everything we do. Human rights Nobody’s equal till everybody’s equal Human Rights are for everyone, everyday. So our vision of “creating a better everyday life for the many people” embraces co-workers, customers, suppliers and their local communities. And not just when we’re in the spotlight either, it’s a 365 day a year commitment. Our co-workers can expect fair treatment and equal opportunities, whatever their ethnicity, religion, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation or age. Because a level playing field brings out the best in all of us, men and women alike. And it has to be level everyday, not just when it’s convenient. Respect for human rights, based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, is part of everything we do and is included in our supplier code of conduct, called the IWAY Standard. Suppliers Building good relationships We want everyone to feel good about the products we sell, which is why we put a lot of work into our supplier relationships – and those relationships that reach beyond ours. There are about 600,000 people working for companies that directly supply IKEA around the world, and we want to be sure they are all treated fairly.

That’s why IWAY, the IKEA supplier code of conduct, was launched in 2000. IKEA suppliers are responsible for communicating IWAY to their sub-suppliers, and IKEA is supporting them in doing this. All suppliers must comply with IWAY requirements, otherwise they are phased out. We believe in protecting children We do everything we can to act in the best interests of children and protect children’s rights. We do this through advocacy, raising awareness and supporting children in vulnerable communities. Our commitment to children runs deep When it comes to our products and stores, we try to think from a child’s perspective. We want our products to aid their development and for our stores to become play areas, just as if they were at home. We work with experts on children’s development, to learn and understand their needs during different stages of development. A clear ban on child labour We believe that children have the right to be protected from exploitation, abuse and neglect. This is why child labour is unacceptable to IKEA and why we work actively to prevent and eliminate it. Our child labour code of conduct, introduced in 2000, was developed in close co-operation with Save the Children and with advice from the International Labor Organization (ILO) and UNICEF.

All-in For More Sustainable Cotton

Over a decade ago, IKEA began taking steps to transform the way cotton is produced. Along with WWF and others, we helped set up the Better Cotton Initiative to make global cotton industry better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future. Through hands-on training and field schools, together with our partners, we have helped around 110,000 farmers learn more sustainable farming methods and are making Better Cotton a sustainable mainstream commodity.

100% Sustainable Palm Oil

We know that slash-and-burn farming practices on some palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia contribute to prolonged periods of haze. That’s why IKEA ensures that all candles and home furnishing products are made only with oil that is grown and processed in a sustainable way. In our store operations, IKEA Southeast Asia procures oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil for cooking in restaurants.

Wood And The Ikea Way

IKEA outlines clear requirements for all wood used in our products in our IWAY Forestry Standard. This includes a ban on wood that has been harvested from forests involved in social conflicts, or from High Conservation Value Forests. All suppliers must comply with the standard before they can start deliveries. We conduct audits to check compliance. By 2020, we want 100% of our wood to be compliant to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests.

Taking Social Responsibility

We want to create a better everyday life for the many people beyond our IKEA stores, too. We aim to have a positive impact with all the people we work within our supply chain and in our communities, too. IKEA Southeast Asia supports 28 charities and community groups in the region and each of our IKEA stores develops long-term relationships with local community partners. Every co-worker has the opportunity to take one paid day off work to volunteer for a good cause.

Green Buildings

IKEA Southeast Asia recycles an average of 70% of all waste produced by its stores in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. We have 24,000 solar panels on the rooftops of our IKEA stores and shopping centres in Southeast Asia. During our last financial year, we produced 9.5 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy.

We took dozens of other initiatives to save, ranging from harvesting rainwater to using solar to generate air conditioning. When we build new stores, we consistently aim to get certifications from the United States Green Building Council.

Social Enterprise

IKEA collaborates with artisans in small-scale producer groups who usually would not meet the company’s demands of supply due to their limited resources and small numbers. In the mountains of Northern Thailand, for instance, we are working with the Doi Tung Development Project to create something a little different for our customer: limited edition, hand-made textiles, pottery and paper products. Through this enterprise, IKEA is helping to provide a livelihood for thousands of rural artisans living in an area once devastated by opium production.

Inspiring small changes

With the help of our product range, we enable customers to save energy and water, reduce and recycle waste and live a healthier and more sustainable everyday life at home.