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Taizhou Golden grasspolt Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a vigorous development modern chemical enterprise.
Because of our high quality products and first class service, we have received high acclaim from all our customers. During the development process, in order to improving the quality of products and service , we always sparing no efforts to furnish the best technologies and special knowledge to our clients, to investigate and understand the genuine demands of clients for better intercourse and interchange. Now, our products sell well both in the domestic market and abroad and enjoys a good reputation.

“Be reassured about our quality, Be satisfied about our price, Be happy about our service” is our consistent working style. At present, our main products are based of BG Powder, which are high content, good transparent, strong decentrality , well weather resistance and low price .
In order to win in the market competition, our company is excelsior in quality and devotes a lot of money in importing a series of advanced production equipments and checking instruments from abroad, devoting to development and research inorganic mineral powders with rich experience, then with silicon, alumiunm, zinc, zirconium and other organic and inorganic surface processing titanium dioxide will increase a notch, the latest development modified compound titanium dioxide pigments is very decentralized, Weathering lasting and excellent gloss, product and application performance indicators comparable with the imports titanium dioxide. significantly lower cost of raw materials, achieved in improving the quality and reducing the cost of results. it is widely used in industrial paint, Rubber plastics, Medical, Foodstuff, printing ink, etc.

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